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The Most Common Causes of Spots

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Spots are a common problem – in fact, over 90% of young people are believed to have suffered from some form of acne in the past three months (the number of those with severe acne will much lower than this though).  Spots are common for teenagers and adolescents, but also afflict older people – lots of people in the 20s and 30s still suffer with some degree of acne.

But what causes spots – or at least what are the most common causes?  While there are a diverse range, the list below should cover over 95% of those who suffer with acne.

For more information about the most effective cures for spots click here for the best treatments.

1. Hormones (and Puberty)

This is by far the most common cause of spots – indeed, even with the others below, it may be the underlying cause in any adolescent or young person (less than 25).  During puberty the body produces more hormones than normal – one of the main hormones that is over produced during puberty is testosterone.

An over production of testosterone makes the sebaceous glands produce more sebum – an oily substance.  This, along with small particles of dirt and dead skin cells clog up the pores in your skin – which is the main cause of spots.

This is by far the main cause of spots, however, with the right treatments it can easily be cured.

2. Skin Products

There are a lot of people who have mild allergic reactions to products (such as make up, face cream, even some cleansing products) that they use on their faces.  This can be a major cause of spots.  But it is not just allergies that can trigger an outbreak of acne; if you have oily skin, for example, using a face cream or face product that increases sebum production or just leaves an oily residue on your skin can cause spots.  Oily skin, caused by overactive sebaceous glands, often leads to blocked pores and thus outbreaks of spots.

3. Stress and Anxiety

This is an often overlooked cause of acne, but it should not be.  Even though it may not be the primary cause for most people, stress can trigger an outbreak or make it worse – or longer lasting.

In a number of clinical studies, stress and anxiety has been proven to worsen various skin conditions – including acne.  This is largely due to the fact that excess stress can cause an overproduction of cortisol, which in turn sets the sebaceous glands into overdrive and leads to spots.

4. Dirty Face

Sorry – I’m sure this is not the cause of your spots.  However, in some people, not enough cleansing of the face or using the wrong products can cause spots – again due to blocked pores and oily skin, but also because very small particles of dirt can become trapped in the skin.  Luckily, this is the easiest to cure – either wash your face daily or start using products that you do not have an allergy to, or which are abrasive to your skin or in any other way damaging.

5. Your Environment

Weather changes and air travel, odd as it may seem, can trigger an outbreak of spots.  Sudden changes in your environment, especially extreme changes, can trigger an outbreak of spots.  It’s not the most likely cause, but it does happen sometimes.

How to get rid of spots

If you suffer with spots, do not worry – there are a number of natural ways to get rid of them.  There are also some excellent products that can both prevent and cure outbreaks of spots very fast and with little effort.  Click here for more information about the best way to get rid of spots fast.

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Over 90% of Young People are Affected by Spots

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In the UK, around 9 in every 10 young people (those aged between 14-21) have suffered from spots or acne to some extent in the past three months.  This is a huge number; millions in the United Kingdom alone.

There are a number of different treatments and remedies for spots – some more effective than others.  Moreover, in many cases, while one treatment method will get rid of spots for one person the same treatment will not be such an effective cure for another individual.  Every body is different, and so some people will have to use different treatments to others.

However, there are some almost universally effective treatments for spots and acne that work for the overwhelming majority of people and that are

How Many People have Spots?

Over 90% of young people suffer with spots, but it is not just the young who get spots.  Older people too – right up to about middle age some people can suffer persistently with acne.

Acne is widespread – but the severity differs from individual to individual.  Only about 2-5% of people suffer with severe acne, and out of these less than half have it permanently.

What Causes Spots?

Spots are caused by blocked pores – but blocked pores can be caused by a range of different factors.  The most common cause – especially in the young and those going through puberty – is an overproduction of testosterone.  This causes the sebaceous glands on the skin to produce more oil and sebum, clogging the pores and causing spots and blackheads.

Spots can also be caused by things that you put on your skin -  such as face creams and make up.  using lots of make up or unnatural products can cause blocked pores, as can anything that you may be slightly allergic to.

Can they be Prevented?

There are many steps you can take top prevent outbreaks of spots – they will reduce the likelihood of an outbreak, but there is no way of permanently preventing spots at all times, especially if you are a teenager.  There are very effective ways of preventing spots though – there are different treatments and products are available, but many people (those who are not suffering from severe acne) who will be able to make a noticeable difference by following a few simple steps every day.

Washing every day with a sensitive face wash and using a scrub to unblock pores weekly is a good place to start.  If you have oily skin, be careful of the face creams and make up that you use – as this can cause spots easily.

There are also some very effective preventative creams and treatments that I talk about more here.

How to get rid of Spots Quickly and Effectively

There are ways to get rid of spots!  There are a range of different products and methods that are effective for at least 80% of people – of all ages (click here to see what these are – there is not enough space to talk about the all in this post).

While is is possible to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of spots, it is not possible to prevent them entirely – which is why treatments that are effective at getting rid of spots quickly are useful to have, even if you are not suffering from an outbreak of acne at the moment.

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What are Spots?

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Spots are annoying – but there is more to them than that (yeah – they can also be painful and embarrassing, right?).  Yes – spots are bad, but one of the best ways to cure or even prevent them from occurring is to know and understand what they are – and then treat them effectively.

That is what I want to focus on in this post – the anatomy of a spot, what causes it and if there is anything that you can do to prevent them or get rid of them.

What exactly are spots?

Spots are blocked pores that become inflamed and painful – caused by overactive sebaceous glands that produce excessive amounts of oil.  The pores then become blocked with oil and dead skin cells, sometimes forming a ‘blackhead’.  In rare cases, spots can become infected and turn into an abscess, but this is very uncommon.  More often than not, they will pass within a few days – much faster if treated effectively.

Spots can range from quite mild (small painless whiteheads) to very severe (large red cysts full of pus and sebum).  In more severe cases, they ca result in long term scarring of the affected areas – however, again, this can be treated in many cases.

The most common place to get spots is the face anf neck, but they can also occur on the back, chest and behind the ears – among other places.

Around 90% of young people (between 13-21) suffer with spots to some extent, and about 15% of those have at some point suffered with what would be considered ‘severe acne’.

What causes spots?

As indicated above, spots are caused by overactive sebaceous glands causing the pores within the skin to become blocked and inflamed.  There are a number of different factors that can lead to over productive sebaceous glands – the most common being that the body is producing too much testosterone, a common side effect of puberty in both boys and girls.  There are, however, other causes that can result in an outbreak of spots for both the young and the old – and everyone in between.

Stress, anxiety, some cosmetics and foods can trigger an outbreak of spots.  But the main cause is usually puberty.  There are a range of different causes and triggers that can lead to an outbreak of spots.

Can spots be cured or prevented?

Yes – there are a range of things that you can do to prevent spots, or at least make it less likely that you will suffer an outbreak.  One of the best ways to prevent spots is to improve and maintain your general health and well being; eat well, avoid contact with anything you are allergic to, keep your skin clean, clear and gently exfoliated.  There are some foods you may want to avoid too (especially if you are allergic to them!) and trying to avoid stress and anxiety will also help prevent spots.

Aside from the natural holistic preventative measures and healthy lifestyle changes, there are other treatments and preventions – ranging from natural creams to medication and even laser treatment!

I talk about the most effective way to get rid of spots in much more detail in this article – click here for more info!

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What Causes Spots and Acne?

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Over 90% of teenagers are affected by spots, but it is not simply the young who can suffer with acne.  While people under 25 are the most susceptible to get spots, they are fairly common in people of all ages and while slightly more common in men, many women are affected too.

There are a lot of supposed cures, something which I discuss at length elsewhere in the web site.  However, at the moment I want to focus on the causes of spots = both the most common as well as the less common and even the unreasonably rare!

I have previously written an overview of the causes of and treatments for spots on this blog – however, I will be adding a lot more content over time, as I build this site up with more research and advice.  But for now, this post is simply about the most common causes of spots.  For more information about how to get rid of spots click here.

What are the most common causes of spots?

There are all the usual suspects to be found in the list of the most common causes of acne – stress, anxiety, poor diet and an adverse reaction to medication or something that has come into contact with your skin.  These are more often than not found to me the main causes of spots, especially in people over the age of about 21.

In teenagers, however, the most common ultimate cause is puberty.  While factors such as stress and a poor diet can make acne worse or outbreaks more frequent, at it’s core, the cause is a side effect of what’s going on inside the body during puberty.

Put simply, during puberty, the body produces excessive amounts of testosterone.  This occurs on both males and females.  The increase in testosterone production causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce too much oil – they then frequently become clogged.  This in turn causes inflammation and soreness – the pores become clogged with plugs of dead skin and oily secretions.

Plugged pores are the main cause of spots – but clogged pores can be caused by a number of factors.  Ranking among the top causes f blocked pores are the side effects of puberty, as well as negative reactions to cosmetics – as well as general poor health and even cleaning routine.

Can spots ever be prevented?

To some extent the answer to this question is yes; there are many things you can do (even if a teenager and are likely to get spots on and off anyway) to do to prevent them or at least make outbreaks smaller and less frequent – or shorter lasting.

Making sure you eat well and avoid contact with anything that may irritate your skin or block your pores (make up, for example, in large quantities) will help – as will avoiding stress and keeping to a gentle but regular cleaning regime.

There are also a range of products that can help – as well as more detailed guides on natural methods to prevent and cure pots fast.  I have written more about these on this site – click here for more information.

Please also have a look around this site for more information – it will grow over time! :)

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How to get rid of spots – fast and easy methods

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There are probably over 100 million people around the world at this moment in time who are suffering from spots – or some form of acne.  Potentially many more than this in fact.

Spots are an embarrassing menace, they always seem to appear at the worst possible times and seem to take ages to go away.  Worst of all, there does not seem to be a single effective and quick method for curing them.  This is somewhat true – as each person is different, what works for one person may not for another.  However, there are some remedies and treatments that are effective for the overwhelming majority of people – and are also completely safe and natural.  That is basically what this site is all about – a directory of the most effective methods for getting rid of spots, quickly, safely and effectively.

What causes spots?

There are many causes – but basically spots are caused by inflamed sebaceous glands, often the result (at lest during puberty) of an overproduction of testosterone.  This occurs in both male and female suffers.

But what triggers a spot to occur when it does?  This can be more complex.  The most common triggers can include things like stress and anxiety as well as periods and pregnancy, but can also be the result of medication, make up and cosmetics, dirt getting trapped in the facial pores.

I would like to keep this first post on my site as brief and simple as possible, so I have written in much more detail about the cause of spots here.

Who is most at risk of getting spots?

Acne affects young adults the most – if you are between about 14-24 you are most susceptible to develop spots.  However, people of any age can do a lot to prevent many outbreaks.  More than 90% of teenagers suffer with acne of some degree or another, but it can still be a problem for older people too.

Men tend to be more affected than women, but spots are prevalent among both.  The peak age for suffering from spots is usually between 17-20.

What is the best treatment for spots?

There are many different ways of treating spots – from trying to calm the inflammation to getting rid of them all together.  There are also effective ways of preventing them from returning or ever appearing in the first place.  There are both natural home remedies that cost virtually nothing and can be done immediately as well as products that are also very effective at both getting rid of and preventing spots.

Basically the best things you can do are to keep your skin healthy with the right intake of vitamins, keep it clean and gently exfoliated, try to avoid stress (this can be hard though!) and if you have oily skin avoid any cosmetics that may make this worse.  Medicated creams and lotions are also available – as well as effective methods to cure and prevent spots naturally.  Sometimes spots require gently squeezing to remove the blackhead or plug of sebum that has built up and is causing inflammation.  You must be careful though, as agitating the pot can sometimes make it worse.

I plan to write much more about the most effective way to get rid of spots on this site as I gather more information and research – as well as feedback from visitors, which is always appreciated! :)

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