How to Get Rid of Spots Fast

What gets rid of spots fast – and what doesn't

Over 90% of Young People are Affected by Spots

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In the UK, around 9 in every 10 young people (those aged between 14-21) have suffered from spots or acne to some extent in the past three months.  This is a huge number; millions in the United Kingdom alone.

There are a number of different treatments and remedies for spots – some more effective than others.  Moreover, in many cases, while one treatment method will get rid of spots for one person the same treatment will not be such an effective cure for another individual.  Every body is different, and so some people will have to use different treatments to others.

However, there are some almost universally effective treatments for spots and acne that work for the overwhelming majority of people and that are

How Many People have Spots?

Over 90% of young people suffer with spots, but it is not just the young who get spots.  Older people too – right up to about middle age some people can suffer persistently with acne.

Acne is widespread – but the severity differs from individual to individual.  Only about 2-5% of people suffer with severe acne, and out of these less than half have it permanently.

What Causes Spots?

Spots are caused by blocked pores – but blocked pores can be caused by a range of different factors.  The most common cause – especially in the young and those going through puberty – is an overproduction of testosterone.  This causes the sebaceous glands on the skin to produce more oil and sebum, clogging the pores and causing spots and blackheads.

Spots can also be caused by things that you put on your skin -  such as face creams and make up.  using lots of make up or unnatural products can cause blocked pores, as can anything that you may be slightly allergic to.

Can they be Prevented?

There are many steps you can take top prevent outbreaks of spots – they will reduce the likelihood of an outbreak, but there is no way of permanently preventing spots at all times, especially if you are a teenager.  There are very effective ways of preventing spots though – there are different treatments and products are available, but many people (those who are not suffering from severe acne) who will be able to make a noticeable difference by following a few simple steps every day.

Washing every day with a sensitive face wash and using a scrub to unblock pores weekly is a good place to start.  If you have oily skin, be careful of the face creams and make up that you use – as this can cause spots easily.

There are also some very effective preventative creams and treatments that I talk about more here.

How to get rid of Spots Quickly and Effectively

There are ways to get rid of spots!  There are a range of different products and methods that are effective for at least 80% of people – of all ages (click here to see what these are – there is not enough space to talk about the all in this post).

While is is possible to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of spots, it is not possible to prevent them entirely – which is why treatments that are effective at getting rid of spots quickly are useful to have, even if you are not suffering from an outbreak of acne at the moment.

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